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Flex space office design: Why business owners love open floorplans 

Business owners and investors in Southwest Florida continue to request flex space office design. 

Also called open floorplans, these adaptable workspaces aren’t just trendy – they’re highly functional. And functional workspaces are productive workspaces, something every business owner wants. 

A flex space office design allows businesses to change the look and feel of workspaces. On one day, multiple staff members might need to work collaboratively on a project. Another day, employees might have individual tasks to complete at their own desks. On occasion, all employees might be present for an all-staff meeting. Flex space office design allows businesses to adapt on a dime. 

The best comparison for a flex space office design is a hotel ballroom. The space can host weddings, conferences, religious services, concerts and trade shows. The operations team can completely transform the space to accommodate any need. Oftentimes, there are partitions allowing the large space to be divided into smaller areas. 

OFDC Commercial Interiors offers office planning and design services, as well as reconfiguration services, to businesses across Southwest Florida. Flex space office design is becoming a popular request. 

Survey Says: Execs Want Flex Space Office Design 

CBRE Group, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, surveyed senior-level real estate executives about office spaces. The research study noted the most in-demand building attribute is a flex space office design. It topped attributes like sustainable building design, connected technologies, onsite food options and public transportation access. 

There are three reasons that flex space office design is popular: 

  • Headcount uncertainty: Businesses continuously add or remove services, divisions and departments, and thus, people. A flex space office design helps avoid crowded or barren spaces within the office. 
  • Evolving areas of focus: Companies tailor their products and services based on consumer demand. That means a business might need to add employees with a specific skillset, thus increasing the number of workers within a shared space. 
  • Hybrid offices: Employees often work some days at home and other days in the office. It doesn’t make sense to have one desk dedicated to an individual who may not come into the office that week. Shared desks available to anyone are best suited for a hybrid business. 

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A Manufacturer’s Response to the Trend 

Steelcase, which designs and manufactures office furniture, created it’s Steelcase Flex Collection based on the flex space office design trend. The company describes areas within the office as “neighborhoods.” 

Here is the official description: 

The Steelcase Flex Collection: A thriving hybrid workplace not only supports collaborative work, but also the growing need for focus time. The Steelcase Flex Collection creates an ecosystem of flexible spaces across an entire floorplan – from focus zones for heads down work, open collaboration spaces to brainstorm, and team neighborhoods that allow for shifting between work modes. 

Below are two assets of Steelcase’s ecosystem of spaces: 

  • Adapt on demand: “With flexibility at the core of the design, the Steelcase Flex Collection empowers people to work their own way. Supporting work that happens in the moment, and for whatever tomorrow brings, the collection’s built-in mobility allows workspaces and tools to adapt on demand so you and your work can keep moving through the day.” 
  • Me + We: “Just like city neighborhoods have homes and shared spaces, the hybrid workplace should support both individual work and teamwork. The Steelcase Flex collection gives people the spaces, tech and tools they need for focus time, collaboration and social connections – all while making it easy to shift between work modes.” 

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The days of walled-in offices and closed doors may be numbered, at least for certain types of businesses. Flex space office design promotes collaboration, which fosters creativity, innovation and teamwork.  

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