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Frequently Asked Questions

A desk is never just a desk. An employee’s workstation is essentially their home for 8+ hours each day, potentially up to five days a week. It needs to be comfortable and functional, with good lighting. Also, the increased productivity from a strong, ergonomic setup helps an employee perform at peak levels. In short, an investment in office furniture is an investment in your company’s culture, employee morale and retention.

If you need a guide to the world of commercial office furniture and flooring solutions, look no further. Schedule a complimentary consultation at OFDC Commercial Interiors. No one is going to try and sell you on something you don’t need. Instead, we believe it’s our job to deliver solutions that accomplish your goals. Let us help create an enjoyable office environment in a way that meets your needs.


Yes, we sell desks and chairs, but our professional team specializes in custom planning and delivery services, installation, repairs and more. Our commercial flooring specialists can recommend and install tile, wood, laminate or carpet, based on the specific needs of your business and projected traffic flow. And OFDC's experienced project managers will make sure that your workspace design project flows smoothly, from start to finish.

When you work with OFDC Commercial Interiors, there aren’t any hidden costs. You take a greater chance shopping for office furniture on the internet. True, online sites can offer products at unbelievably low prices with next-day shipping speeds. Unfortunately, those cheap prices often mean you’re buying a cheap product. And while online sites do offer delivery, you'll still need to assemble and install the furniture yourself. Did you receive the right hardware – screws, tools, camdens – in the right quantities for successful assembly? Did your products get gouged or banged up during the delivery? What starts as a fast, cheap online purchase can easily turn into a big headache.


As a vital community business partner, we know relationships matter. At OFDC Commercial Interiors, you can trust that you are our top priority. As a locally owned business with decades of experience, OFDC Commercial Interiors can offer you a better value for your next workspace project. Through our strong relationships with top product manufacturers, OFDC can satisfy orders for clients that range from a small office to an entire office building. Our team gladly provides expert space planning and design. As a result, you can be confident in the quality and fit of your purchase. We'll also handle all delivery and installation services with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that you are happy with your purchase.

OFDC employs our own team of experienced, professional installers, rather than relying on contractors or laborers. Everyone on our installation team is deeply familiar with the products we offer. Our advanced customer service training ensures high standards, from the way our installation team interacts with customers to the detail-oriented way they assemble furniture while also minimizing disruptions during your business hours.

Many employers have identified the need to reconfigure office workspaces to meet social distancing guidelines. To ensure a healthy workspace, OFDC has provided its clients with desk dividers, floor plan reconfiguration services and a range of sanitizing products to keep workstations and common areas clean. Throughout it all, OFDC Commercial Interiors delivered quick design solutions that met each customer’s individual budget and timeline.


Additionally, OFDC Commercial Interiors introduced customizable desk dividers, called Rapid Response Screens and Harbor Screens. These provide an added layer of protection for employees at shared workspaces. Rapid Response Screens and Harbor Screens are easily cleaned. They are these ideal for medical offices, law firms, accounting and payroll departments, call centers, government offices and other businesses where employees spend the bulk of their workday at desks.


Finally, OFDC Commercial Interiors also became the region’s exclusive distributor of the System 3 biostatic cleaner. This product repels surface contamination with an electrostatically charged protective barrier. Its effects can last up to 120 days.

Working remotely from the sofa or kitchen table isn’t a viable long-term option. You will need a comfortable, firm chair. You need a desk with storage that can accommodate a full-size monitor, keyboard, mouse and webcam.


OFDC Commercial Interiors has helped businesses transitioning to remote work by offering home office setups for their employees. Ergonomics is important in the workplace, and it’s just as important at home so employees remain productive and healthy.