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In-house furniture installation ensures quality workmanship 

Furniture installation is just as important as the furniture itself. The same holds true for flooring installation.

High-quality office desks, chairs, conference tables, cubicles and storage solutions represent a sizable investment for any business. Durable, long-lasting tile, wood, carpeting and laminate flooring also are large capital expenses. Many companies pay interior designers to customize office spaces specific to their operational and employee needs.

But who is going to deliver and install everything?

After paying for furniture and flooring, some businesses with an eye on the budget cut corners on installation. They keep their fingers crossed and hope the handyman they found on Google can do the job.

That is not the approach that OFDC Commercial Interiors recommends. Untrained furniture and flooring installers can damage the materials you just bought, and if they do not have adequate liability insurance, you’re simply out of luck.

Benefits of Professional Furniture Installation 

Many commercial furniture and flooring companies outsource installations to third-party companies and individuals. The use of subcontractors is primarily for financial reasons. Companies don’t have to pay employees for 40 hours a week if they don’t have 40 hours of work. 

Many years ago, OFDC Commercial Interiors began hiring in-house furniture installation and flooring installation teams. There are a multitude of reasons why this approach is beneficial for Southwest Florida businesses, including: 

  • Product familiarity: In-house teams undergo extensive training on the specific products they will be installing. This ensures products will be assembled and installed to the exact specifications outlined by the manufacturer. It also helps expedite installation time. 
  • Blueprints: Employees know how to read a floor plan and will install furniture and flooring exactly where it’s supposed to go. 
  • High standards: Because installers are full-time employees, they embody OFDC’s high standards of workmanship. Each individual must demonstrate the company’s core values, which include integrity, ethics, teamwork and more.
  • Experience: Because full-time employees are eligible for benefits like health insurance, paid vacation time and 401K, OFDC attracts installation professionals with more experience. This improves efficiency and accuracy on every project.  
  • Tools: OFDC provides its installation teams with full access to tools needed to complete the job. This avoids installers having to scrounge through their own toolboxes looking for the right equipment. 
  • Professionalism: Every OFDC employee, from administrative assistants and account executives to project managers and furniture installers, is expected to have professional interactions with customers. Installers wear company T-shirts and drive company vehicles to let businesses know that a professional company is on the job. They also take great care in making sure not to scratch or scuff walls and floors during installations. 
  • Detail-oriented: OFDC installers must display meticulous attention to detail. That ensures the furniture is properly assembled and built to last. It also ensures flooring is laid properly and will remain in place despite heavy foot traffic. 
  • Warranties: Some manufacturers require professional installation to maintain a warranty’s validity. That way, it’s easier to prove that faulty products – not improper installation – contributed to the problem. 
  • Scheduling: OFDC controls installation schedules, not a third-party company. That helps minimize potential disruptions to the customer’s business. OFDC can even schedule deliveries, assembly or installation outside of the regular workday. 

Schedule an Installation 

Ready to get started? OFDC offers complimentary consultations for businesses between Marco Island and Bradenton on Florida’s west coast. There are a many ways to connect with OFDC: 

  • Telephone: 239-337-1212 (Collier, Lee, Charlotte) or 941-893-5508 (Sarasota, Manatee)  
  • Visit a Showroom: 11866 Metro Parkway in Fort Myers or 7819 25th Court E. #104 in Sarasota 

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