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Why January is a great time to buy flooring for your business

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The new year allows us to hit the reset button. Whether our resolutions relate to health or wealth, Jan. 1 is a great time to start something new.

January also is an ideal time to buy commercial flooring. Installing new flooring is the easiest way businesses can upgrade their interior space. Employees appreciate any enhancements, but having a scuff- and stain-free floor also creates a better impression for customers and clients.

As a B2B provider, OFDC Commercial Interiors has been providing complete solutions for businesses across Southwest Florida since 1974. We guarantee that our flooring products and services will exceed expectations.

What makes January such a great time to buy commercial flooring? Below are four reasons:

(1) New styles

Interior designers often make predictions about styles and trends for the new year. They tell you what’s hot before it’s hot. Meanwhile, manufacturers are introducing new products all year. The best way for manufacturers to make a marketing splash, however, is to roll out something new for the new year. That means your business can buy a flooring product that no one else has.

(2) Less demand

For many businesses, the fiscal year ends in Dec. 31. The books reset on Jan. 1. Fiscally prudent companies will be cautious about spending their capital dollars too early in the year. That spending philosophy creates less demand, which in turn drops prices. Manufacturers still want to sell their products, and lowering prices is an effective strategy to move products.

(3) Supply surplus

Customers recognize the best time to buy a new vehicle is at the end of the year. The new models have arrived, and car dealers want to clear remaining inventory from the lot. Flooring manufacturers are clearing out inventory and bringing in new styles, too. Anytime a business has a surplus of materials, the consumer always benefits.

(4) Quick installations

OFDC is proud of our quick turnaround time between purchase and installation. In January, with our full installation team back in place, we’ve been able to install flooring much quicker than anticipated.

Ready for an upgrade?

New flooring can create an entire new feel for offices, retail stores, medical clinics and shopping centers. In Southwest Florida, carpet, tile, wood and laminate remain popular choices. Heavy foot traffic can quickly wear down inferior flooring products. That’s why OFDC only recommends and installs products from premier manufacturers with strong reputations.

There are four keys to choosing the right flooring type. It must be: (1) Functional; (2) Easy to clean; (3) Durable; and (4) Within your budget.

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