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Commercial flooring: Businesses add pops of color, design flair 

A nice office space with light wood flooring and office furniture.

Commercial flooring doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, many businesses in Southwest Florida are incorporating splashes of color and design into flooring to liven up workspaces. 

For generations, commercial flooring had always been seen as utilitarian. Whether it was carpet, tile, wood or laminate, businesses wanted flooring that was: 

  1. Durable 
  1. Economical 
  1. Long-lasting 

Interior designers have long recognized the benefits of incorporating artwork, shelving and other visuals to break up the monotony of large walls. Now, businesses are looking downward to showcase a little flair and creativity. 

Today, commercial flooring – just like furniture did a few decades ago – has become a key element of interior design. Businesses recognize that an uninspiring workplace produces uninspired workers. That’s why OFDC Commercial Interiors has seen an uptick of Southwest Florida businesses looking to upgrade their flooring. 

A bright, empty office with open cubicles and carpet flooring.

Commercial Flooring: Adding Color 

Light- to mid-range browns, greys, beiges and tans remain popular primary colors for commercial flooring. They fall on a neutral scale and help mask dirt, scuffs and wear-and-tear from heavy foot traffic. However, secondary colors can liven up the space. 

Complementary Colors 

From a design perspective, there are two types of complementary colors: 

  • Opposites on the color wheel, like blue and orange or red and green. These create balance and visual interest. Black and white also are visual opposites. 
  • Different hues of the same color, like dark brown and light brown or dark blue and light blue. These reduce the contrast intensity while still connecting the space. 

Complementary colors create a flow and cohesiveness to a room. Businesses often have large, open spaces and closed office spaces. Complementary colors help carry a visual feel throughout the workplace. 

Bold Colors 

Many businesses have begun to personalize workspaces with bold designs – accent walls, chandeliers and murals. Two styles of bold colors have emerged in commercial flooring: 

  • Understated: Businesses with bold colors like red, orange or yellow in their company logos can include flooring that includes hints of those colors. This offers a clear sense of space that connects a company’s brand with the interior environment. Simultaneously, it’s not so obvious should a business elect to vacate the space in the future.  
  • Direct: Companies can have their logo painted or engraved in tile, providing a clear branding visual for customers, clients and visitors. Full-color logos can even be woven into carpet using state-of-the-art digital technology. 


Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County 

Clubs offer after-school and summer programs for children and teens, so the flooring reflects a youthful audience with colorful shades of red, orange, blue, green and yellow. 

See a photo: Playful flooring 

Concierge Executive Offices 

Offering private executive offices and meeting rooms for businesses without permanent spaces, these suites feature contemporary flooring with light grey, dark grey and hints of black. 

See a photo: Trendy flooring 

A modern common space with new tile flooring.

Commercial Flooring: Adding Design 

In addition to color, the design of flooring offers its own visual element. The Boston Celtics’ parquet floor is a perfect example of how design can be both functional and memorable. 

Because office environments are larger than residences, geometric patterns offer a great way to distinguish and define a space. A straight lay is considered standard because it has the least expensive installation cost. Three commercial flooring patterns are most popular in Southwest Florida: 


Thin or thick rectangles are ideal for all flooring types. An offset or staggered approach using varying lengths of flooring materials creates a unique look. A herringbone design is challenging to install, but elevates the room’s overall design. 


Commercial carpet and tile are commonly sold as squares. Again, staggering those materials creates layers within a space. Laid diagonally, squares become diamonds and provide a more refined, high-end appearance. 

Accent Blocks 

If flooring is comprised of rectangles or squares, adding small pieces of flooring in a hexagon or pentagon can break up an otherwise homogeneous look. 


Hodges University 

Students and faculty walk across light and medium shades of earth-toned floor tiles laid diagonally, a statement design as visitors enter the building. 

See a Photo: Diamond flooring 

Lee Health 

To distinguish itself from other medical facilities, the Women & Children’s Medical Plaza features a symbolic stork embedded into the flooring design. This gives visitors a sense of place. 

See a photo: Stork flooring 

Flooring Upgrades 

Heavy foot traffic is a byproduct of success. Additional employees, customers and clients can quickly wear down inferior commercial flooring products. That’s why OFDC Commercial Interiors recommends and installs products from premier manufacturers with strong reputations. 

Are you looking for a local company to upgrade your flooring? OFDC has longstanding relationships with manufacturers, partnerships that ultimately help Southwest Florida businesses control their bottom line. Additionally, OFDC’s purchase of a flooring truck means it no longer relies solely on third-party freight companies, allowing quicker deliveries and faster installations. 

OFDC offers complimentary consultations for businesses between Marco Island and Bradenton on Florida’s west coast. There are three ways to connect with OFDC: 

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