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Five reasons businesses buy new office furniture

Office Furniture

When businesses buy new office furniture, that’s usually a good sign for the company. It’s also a great sign for the local economy. 

Office furniture is a significant capital investment. Companies that purchase new desks, chairs, storage and conference tables are banking on a strong, stable future. 

As Southwest Florida’s premier source for high-quality office furniture, flooring and design concepts, OFDC Commercial Interiors has a strong pulse on the community’s economy. It partners with some of the region’s top organizations, including those specializing in health care, senior living, hospitality, media, finance and automotive industries, as well as nonprofits, education and government.

Buying New Office Furniture

Interior designs created by OFDC carry a concept throughout an entire office. Complementary colors, materials and styles create a workplace environment that is professional, functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

There are many reasons that businesses choose to upgrade their office furniture. These five are the most common:

New Employees:

Automation and artificial intelligence can be allies for business owners, but they don’t replace human capital. Businesses will always need employees to sell products, process invoices, interact with customers and complete tasks that only a human is capable of doing. As businesses develop new products, add services or expand their reach, they need more employees. And those employees need workstations. 

New Location 

Experienced interior designers know how to maximize space, but sometimes, there just isn’t enough square footage. Developers continue building warehouses, office spaces and corporate headquarters across the region. Much like homeowners moving into a new house, business owners often use this opportunity to start fresh and purchase new office furniture. Space dictates the style and size of desks, chairs, storage cabinets and conference tables. That’s why OFDC customizes each design plan based on a business’ needs, physical space and budget. 

Planned Growth 

Forward-thinking businesses continually update their short-term and long-range business plans. In addition to projecting revenue goals, successful companies also project their workforce needs. This projection includes the total number of employees, as well as their job skills to identify potential deficiencies in training and education. Knowing employee counts a few years in advance helps businesses make informed decisions when it’s time to reconsider a lease. It also allows them to start budgeting for new office furniture for a larger space. 

Changing Structure 

In the post-pandemic era, many businesses have opted for hybrid work schedules. Under that plan, employees work some days in the office and some days at home. To make better use of workspace, business offices began “hot-desking” interior spaces. There is no assigned seating; employees simply sit wherever space is available. A business with 25 employees, for example, might only need 20 desks if each employee works one day per week at home. 

Furniture Life Cycle Ends 

Even the most durable office furniture does not last forever. Chairs, for instance, generally last three to five years if used on a daily basis. Cushions, wheels and armrests show the most wear and tear. Desks can last longer, with 10 to 12 years being a typical life cycle. Much like purchasing a new car, businesses can project when they’ll need to purchase new furniture and begin saving a year or two in advance.  

Plan Ahead

OFDC’s homepage – – contains an interactive Budget Builder calculator tool. Business owners can get a better understanding of the costs to create a dream office. The Budget Builder shows approximate figures for personal workspaces, a lobby and conference room. Just plug in the number of employees to see ballpark estimates for a basic, upgraded or premium office space. 

Ready to get started? OFDC offers complimentary consultations for businesses between Marco Island and Bradenton on Florida’s west coast. There are three ways to connect with OFDC: 

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