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Desk storage: 3 solutions for a clean, functional office

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Every office has a few messy employees. The lack of desk storage might be the cause, though, rather than an individual being disorganized.

Adequate, functional desk storage is the key to maintaining a professional, clean look around the office. Desk clutter projects an image of disorganization, disarray and dysfunction. Clean desks, on the other hand, shows employees have their act together, are productive and take pride in their workspace.

There are also health reasons to maintain a clean desk. Cleveland Clinic notes a clean desk can reduce tension and stress for some people. Meanwhile, a messy desk can signal “all of the work that still needs to be done.”

It all boils down to desk storage.

First, it’s important to know what should be kept on top of a desk. The answer is simple: If you use something on a daily basis, then it’s usually OK to keep it on your desk. There are four categories of items that qualify as daily essentials:

  • Office supplies: Pens, sticky notes and a notebook. Depending on the job, a stapler, paper clips, scissors, hole punch and rubber stamp also might be daily essentials.
  • Files: Non-confidential client files, customer documents and preprinted forms.
  • Electronics: Computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, headphones, webcam and telephone.
  • Personal items: A coffee cup and/or water bottle and a family photo.

As for the rest? Find a hiding place.

OFDC Commercial Interiors offers office planning and design services, as well as reconfiguration services, to Florida businesses. Companies large and small want to provide their employees with comfortable, functional workspaces. That’s why OFDC creates customized office design solutions for every business and every industry.

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There are two popular types of desk storage available to businesses, as well as an alternative:

standing desk with underneath storage

Under Desk Storage

The most common type of desk storage at business offices and home offices is under desk storage. This option is the ultimate space saver. In fact, under desk cabinets often double as table legs or supports for the desk surface.

Two types of under desk storage are common in office environments:

  • Drawers: These pull out toward a person and are suitable for hanging file folders and storing snacks.
  • Cabinet: These have a door that swings open and are ideal for storing magazines, personal items and office accessories.

TIP: All employees should have access to locked storage for securing confidential documents and important personal items.

bright office space with above desk storage

Above Desk Storage

Vertical space above desks is often wasted space. In open floorplans, above desk storage can help divide workstations, similar to cubicle walls. For desks near a wall, this type of desk storage can fill a space vertically in lieu of artwork.

Types of above desk storage include:

  • Cabinets: These have doors that swing open and are perfect for storing business portfolios, binders and newspapers.
  • Open bookshelves: These are suitable spots for awards or industry-related books and magazines.
  • Inbox: An inbox and outbox offer temporary storage while helping employees stay organized.

TIP: Make sure any vertical storage solutions are safely anchored to the desk or wall.

office desk for occasional use

Alternate Location

Not everything needs to be stored within arm’s reach or accessed daily, or even weekly. Periodicals and documents that are saved for historical reference are suitable for an alternate location, like a storage room. Also, materials that others might need to access or review should be kept in a central location.

Alternatives to desk storage include:

  • Bookshelves: Items like a trade journal, dictionary, style guide or company awards can be displayed on an open bookshelf or book display.
  • Credenza: Similar to a chest of drawers, a credenza is perfect for files, folders, reams of paper and others items that may look untidy if openly displayed.

TIP: Set clear guidelines and what can, or cannot, be stored in central locations.

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